10 Tips For A Glowing Face And Use Of Skin Care Cream

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10 Tips For a Glowing Face and Use of Skin Care Cream

Ever wondered how a skin care cream can work so effectively for some women and not others, like me and you?   A good skin care moisturizing cream is just part of the story.

People tend to take their skin for granted.  There are basics that must be performed every day  such as keeping the face clean and protecting it from sunlight.

Did you know that facial skin has more oil glands than the rest of the body?   So a little time must be spent on the face.  This means five or so minutes of care in the morning and before bed.

Morning Facial Care

Avoid bar soaps as they dry the skin and use a skin care cream cleanser instead.  Dry gently. Use a good skin toner which leaves the skin ready to be moisturized. Apply a skin care moisturizing cream .  Your skin will feel wonderful after this step.  I would strongly advise putting sunscreen on top of your moisturizer. If you wear make-up it will come next.  Natural is always a great look with your choice of make-up.

Evening Care

The first step is cleaning; the same as in the morning. Use a cotton pad and toner again and remove any remaining make-up. Exfoliate.  This removes dead cells which lets your skin care cream and other products become totally effective.  A healthy glow will result and your face will feel bright and relaxed.  Rinse well. This is when you will apply your skin care moisturizing cream.  A good cream should be one that is especially matched for your skin type.

Two More Tips

Your skin needs to breathe and this won’t happen with clogged pores. Did  you know that the most common malignancy is skin cancer?  Avoid sunlight and use sunscreen with your skin care cream.  If  you look at the skin on areas of your body that rarely are exposed to sunlight you will see the effect of the sun on our skin.

Believe me, once you start to apply these tips with an excellent skin care cream you will see startling results quickly.  The key is using effective and safe skin care products.

If you like these 10 tips for a glowing face and use of skin care cream I have more of this information.  Visit www.facialantiaging.org to find out how to look younger in a healthy way.

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