7 Innovative Ingredients in Nourishing Hair Care

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As time passes us by, the hair begins to show signs of age, much like the skin does. The hair begins to lose its once shiny appearance. It can also become dry and brittle. These effects are the result of environmental factors that compound over time, as well as a direct influence of age. Among the many products available to fight the signs of aging in hair are several innovative ingredients that are proven to restore shine, strengthen the hair at its root, and create both body and movement.

SPF. One of the most popular elements found in anti-aging hair care products today is protection from the sun. Just like sunscreen, shampoos and conditioners can create a protective coat to stop the effects of the environment. The sun is known to cause over-drying and brittleness in aging hair. Products that contain a moderate level of SPF protection will help to stop this.

Caviar. Caviar is known to contain very high levels of vitamins and essential minerals. Specifically, it has high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, one of the primary ingredients that aging hair lacks. When set in a hair care agent, caviar restores shine and breathes new life into hair that has begun to show signs of aging.

Aloe vera. Often used as a hydrating and healing agent in skincare products, aloe vera is equally effective when used on the hair. It can help to repair a dry damaged scalp, and it also restores shine and body to hair that has been damaged by the sun and the test of time.

Green tea. Green tea is known to have many health benefits in general. It has also made its way into many anti-aging hair care products as well. Packed with antioxidants, green tea is a gentle ingredient that not only cleanses, but delivers essential nutrients to the scalp and hair. It is believed to have both restorative and preventative powers.

Botanicals. Botanicals, which encompass a wide range of plant extracts in general, are hydrating agents that are proven to repair hair that has become dry and brittle due to aging. They are found in many anti-aging hair care products, often in combination with vitamins A, E and C. Botanicals can revitalize both the hair and scalp.

Tea tree oil. This is a hydrating agent commonly found in hair care products. Tea tree oil is known for its long-lasting ability to restore dry damaged hair. It has a soothing effect on the scalp as it calms and hydrates the skin.

Indian gooseberry extract. This is a traditional ingredient that comes from India and has been known to prevent the growth of premature gray hairs and to reduce the appearance of existing ones. Indian gooseberry extract promotes natural and healthy pigmentation in the hair, starting at the root.

Look for these special ingredients that are proven to be effective in anti-aging hair care products. Hair that has lost its luster and youthful body will be restored with regular use of products containing them.

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