Anti Aging Skin Care Guide And The Ugly Lie

anti aging

Its Unbelievable.. How many women make skin care overcomplicated .I can not think of anything worse that sitting around for 3o minutes or more with a green mask on your face.Listen anti aging skin care is simple and if you just follow some of my Tips ,you will keep your skin supple and look years younger.Promise !

 Also I want to discuss in this article , about some very effective anti aging skin care guide products ,but more on that later

 Here is my Top Tips For Healthier and Younger Looking Skin

 Tip #1

 I know we all love to have tanned skin and I must admit I love to looked tanned ,It give a healthy glow appearance .But now don’t go and overdo it 
 When days the sun is strong you need to wear a hat that will shade your face .I have a large hat, one that I bought in Thailand and is a real classic, it even shades my shoulders .

 You see we need sunlight as it gives our body vitamin D and is vital for our good health.But remember that too much is so harmful because a major component of our skin called Hyaluronan this is our tissue repairer , is one of the key substance in our skin and as we get older and get too much sun, the uvb rays in the sun leaves the skin cells damaged and this causes our hyaluronan to produce less over time.

 Tip #2 

 We all know about this tip , Drinking Water .Its truly one of the best anti aging skin care treatments . Drink plenty of it throughout the day , but don’t overdo it .I amazed how many people  don’t drink enough water .You need to drink clean filtered water ,about 8 glasses a day will keep your skin well hydrated and healthy looking .Just remember this fact that our bodies are over 70% water and the skin is the largest organ of the body , its your duty to keep it hydrated.

 Tip #3

 If you read any of my anti aging skin care guides or articles you know that I am always having a rant about the diet and how important it is in skin care .You see a lot of the aging in your skin is caused by free radicals this is a nasty destructive molecules that move around our body and skin and causes damage to our cells. By eating rich green leafy vegetables like spinach broccoli also Green salads it can help free radical damage from happening.So remember when you next cook dinner ,The greens vegetables are the free radical destroyers !

 Skin Care Products

 There is no reason you can’t keep that youthful look in the coming years . If you follow the 3 tips above you can maintain your youthful looks .I also know of a secret weapon that keep me looking younger , its a high quality anti aging skin care treatment cream. Don’t scrimp on this ,I buy the best quality, and so should you! So how do you know if its good quality , well it should have the following 

 1.  You need help your body stimulate collagen and elastin production these two major components in your skin are is responsible for retaining our youthful appearance.As we get older this elastin and collagen start to break down and so we start producing a lot less . But super substances like Phytessence Wakame and Nanobelle CoenzymeQ10 are real production boosters of collagen and elastin. Talking about collagen ..Here comes the Ugly Lie ! I bet you didn’t know that collagen cannot be applied directly to your skin like some anti aging skin care treatment creams will have you believe .Collagen must be manufactured by the body to be have a effect on your skin.

 2.Your anti age skin care treatment should hydrate your skin which makes your skin soft to touch , I know of nothing worse that dry cracked skin .

 3.Ingredients that can adverse fine wrinkles and lines and really help lighten the color variance of things like age spots and such. There is so much more to a intensive anti aging skin care guide but I hope I have given you some ideas and maybe spur you along to go out and do your own research .


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