Anti Aging Skin Care Guide for Looking Younger

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The anti aging skin care guide is becoming a staple on the internet and in various magazines.  The anti aging skin care treatment industry has grown to proportions that few would probably have imagined.  Everyone who is anyone wants to chime in with their personal or professional opinion on this product or that product.  How do you know what to believe?


Almost any decent anti aging skin care guide will tell you that it is wise to use sunscreen, as most of the damage that your skin will incur over your lifetime will be from the sun.  If you begin using sunscreen today it will save your skin from years of further damage, but what can you do about the damage that’s already been done?  That information is a little harder to come by.


The cells of your body contain a natural vitamin like compound known popularly as Coenzyme Q10.  UV rays from the sun deplete the existing levels of COQ10 in your skin.  Without the protection of this powerful antioxidant, free radicals begin to break down your skin cells.  COQ10 supplementation via vitamin intake is the latest idea in anti aging skin care treatment.


One company has even created a remarkable compound which is a ‘nano- emulsion’ of COQ10 and natural vitamin E in a topical cream that is the first form of antioxidant absorbable through the pores.  The ingredients are formulated in such a way that they are able to penetrate through all 7 layers of skin, destroying free radicals as they go.  Strangely I have yet to read about this breakthrough in any anti aging skin care guide.


Another craze that has developed over the last few years is micro-dermabrasion and exfoliation as an effective form of anti aging skin care treatment.  We don’t think that these are wise practices at all.  These similar procedures are performed by removal of the top layer of skin, which is done in order to expose the fresh healthy skin layer underneath.


The main problem that we have with exfoliation is that the procedure not only removes the dead skin cells from your face, but it removes healthy living cells as well.  There are much gentler ways of achieving the same goal.  A rich hydrating mask for example will remove the dead skin cells while leaving the still health skin cells behind.  We don’t believe that these procedures belong in any good anti aging skin care guide.


A little warning about a fallacy made popular by many manufactures of anti aging skin care treatment products.  Everyone is using collagen as the main productive ingredient in their creams and lotions, but there is something about these collagen products that you won’t find mentioned in any anti aging skin care guide.  Collagen cannot be absorbed through the pores of your skin, making its inclusion totally worthless.


There is a way to stimulate natural collagen and elastin growth, and that is by the use of the compound keratin.  It works well as a topical cream, and is far safer in replenishing collagen stores than by injections.  This is a fact that I have rarely seen mentioned in any anti aging skin care guide.

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