Anti Aging Wrinkle Creams – Before You Waste Your Money, Read This

anti aging

Not all anti aging wrinkle creams are created equal. Unfortunately, the consumer is bombarded with products that simply do not live up to their name. There are many anti aging wrinkle cream websites that display false information, fake testimonials and fake before-after images. Whatever product you choose, there are certain components of many anti aging wrinkle creams you need to avoid. Read on so you can make an educated choice and be confident you are on your way to a younger you with a quality anti aging wrinkle cream.

Cosmetic companies want your money – at any cost. One main component of many anti aging creams is collagen. We naturally produce collagen in our skin, and as we age, the skin\’s ability to produce collagen lessens. Collagen is what gives skin strength and elasticity. The collagen that makes up part of these creams comes from animal sources. What these companies do not tell you is that collagen cannot penetrate the skin, and is washed off when we shower or bath and so to say, the softer, younger you is thrown out with the bath water! Collagen is an important anti aging protein, and it is best you stick to products that include ingredients that regenerate natural collagen.

Another anti aging component is elastin. Like collagen, elastin is naturally produced by the body. Elastin is what gives our skin its elasticity; returning skin to its original position when poked or pinched. If you plan on getting an anti aging cream with elastin, do not waste your time. Both elastin and collagen protiens are too large to penetrate the skin. As will collagen, find a product that helps regenerate elastin naturally in the skin.

Skin aging is caused by many things from the fat content of the skin to dehydration to the lack of collagen produced in the skin. When a company says their product gives you everything you need to lessen your wrinkles and tighten your skin, make sure you read the ingredients. Most anti aging creams do little more than temporarily cover up your skin. If the truth be known, you probably would need a variety of different products used together to help maintain good skin health. Who wants to spend all the money it would cost to get all these products?

If you are serious of improving your skin, getting rid of wrinkles and aging skin, then stop looking at the hype many cosmetic companies throw at you. They are ripping you off with products that do not help. Visit my website and get valuable information on products that will get the job done right. Do not spend another penny on worthless hyped-up creams.

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