Best Anti-Aging Skin Cream::4 Things It Must Do

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The best anti-aging skin cream must do four things. Grow new collagen; Produce more elastin; Promote healthy skin cells and new fibers.  One problem is that most anti aging skin creams do not have the ingredients to do this. 

Applying some animal collagen will not give the desired results.  But there is a way to get new, beautiful and younger looking skin.

To get that new fresh look from your anti aging skin cream you need collagen and elastin.  As we get older we get less.  Cynergy TK helps you body to produce new elastin and collagen.  When it does those terrible wrinkles slowly begin to leave.  Then in time that new, fresh, younger looking face begins to appear

Skin’s Building Blocks

Keratin is a protein that is very important is what has been called a building block for the skin.  Keratin must come from the right source or be manufactured properly to be effective.  Most skin care companies use a type of keratin that is useless.  Just because the label says, keratin, it must be the right type. So what’s the right type?

The only kind that I have ever found that really works is call Cynergy TK.  Also called Functional Keratin because it really works.  Other companies claim to have keratin but not this one.  Theirs do not work.  Don’t waste your money on expensive over the counter anti aging skin creams.  Look for Cynergy TK.

Wakame is another ingredient that anti aging creams should have in them.  Wakame is from the Sea of Japan.  It is sea kelp that is loaded with calcium, iron, sodium, potassium and B vitamins.

A laboratory analysis of the sea kelp found that a component in it helps promote smooth and younger looking skin. And that is what anti aging creams are supposed to do.

Two more bonuses that you get in the anti-aging cream  from Wakame is that it promotes more protein in the skin and is an antioxidant.


Antioxidants set up a counter attack on free radicals which damage our skin cells. Putting antioxidants, like sea kelp, vitamin E etc makes perfects sense.

 Skin creams should contain antioxidants like wakame, vitamin E and CoQ10. Of course, these ingredients need to be natural, not some cheap imitation.

Nano-lipobelle is created in such a way that it will penetrate through seven layers of skin.  It contains both COQ10 and vitamin E in a special emulsion created specially for use as an anti-aging skin cream

Ingredients to Avoid

Briefly, let’s look at a few of the things that an anti-aging skin cream should not contain:
-alcohol because it is drying.
-fragrance because it can be irritating.
-sunscreen because it alone does not reduce the risk of skin cancer and some compounds are hazardous.
-parabens because they are cancer causing suspects.
-paraffin wax or mineral oil because they clog the pores and strip natural oils, leading to dryness. 

Ingredients in your anti aging cream should be safe and effective.  They should enhance your looks and not be hazardous to your health like many over the counter products might be. Please my website listed below for more information.  Thanks, Margaret Bell


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