Best Hair Care Products For Hair Growth And Thickness

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Regardless of whether you have short or long hair, keeping up with it can be a tough task. Great hair requires proper maintenance of hair ends, proper moisture levels, deep conditioning, shampooing, and conditioning. That is why it is important to use only quality hair products, not necessarily expensive hair products. For years, several of my clients who once had long tresses of hair would come into my salons and ask my stylist how can I restore my hair to it former glory? How can I get rid of my split ends? Or How can I grow longer and thicker hair? The answer would always be the same, treat your hair with respect. It is so easy to pull your hair back and tie it into a knot or to bleach it with chemicals that are so harsh they ruin the very foundation that you are seeking to build upon. Respecting your hair is your prime responsibility if you want to have longer and prettier hair that has shine and bounce like the models on television.

Below are the three best ways to show respect for your hair. These tips have not only worked for my stylist and the high profile celebrities who they must keep looking fabulous, but also for anyone who desires a better head of hair.

Hair Respect Rule #1: Develop a hair care regime. Routine. Routine. Routine. Developing a routine is absolutely essential to restoring your hair to its former glory or to keep your hair looking great. Developing a hair care regime is simple. It just means coming up with a serious of things that your do to your hair on a regular basis. For instance, on Monday’s I wash my hair, on Tuesday’s I check my hair ends for splits, on Wednesday’s I deep condition my hair. If you have busy schedule this will help you out so much. Several of my clients have told me that within in weeks of developing a routine that they notice balding spots, kinks, and tough hair areas get better because of the extra care that their hair was able to receive. If you respect your body then you develop a schedule and make sure that you have breakfast, lunch, and dinner. It is the same way with your hair. How often have you missed a meal, because you did not schedule out your day. Probably many times. If you do not plan for something to happen then it probably will not.


Hair Respect Rule #2: Respect your scalp. I know that when you look at the hair of models, all that you see is long and flowing hair. However, if the model’s hair is real, then underneath all those wonderful shiny follicles will be a clean and healthy scalp. It’s simple, I would always tell my clients and stylist who I trained to think of hair as a flower that cannot bud or flourish if the roots are in disarray or if the scalp is in poor condition. If you show respect your car you keep it clean, if you respect your house then you keep it clean, if you respect you hair then you will keep it clean from dirt and debris that can cause fungus and bacteria to grow from product buildup. If you respect your hair then you will wash your hair and scalp to remove debris. It is necessary for you to wash your hair at least once per week if you want your hair to flourish. Everyone’s hair grows at different rates based on a series of factors, however you can be assured that your hair growth will be stunted if your scalp is scarred and clogged.

Hair Respect Rule#3: Respect you hair by avoiding harsh chemical products. In today’s marketplace most hair care products, especially shampoos and conditioners are loaded with chemicals like Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, TEA Lauryl Sulfate or chemical treatments like coloring, highlights, & relaxers. These ingredients and treatments help to create instant results, while creating long term damage to your hair and scalp health. That is why whenever possible use organic products. Although, most of my experience was gained while working with clients throughout the United Kingdom, I have used several products from all countries between Paris and Argentina and I recommend using Beauty 4 Ashes GodHead hair care products ( or Beauty 4 Ashes La Java hair care products because they work. I discovered these products while at a convention in London about two years ago and have been using them on my clients ever since. While there are several natural and organic products on the market, few products work as well as Beauty 4 Ashes because they do not just seek to make your hair look better, but they work to better your scalp health with natural anti-inflammatory ingredients and herbs to help nourish the scalp resulting in longer and faster growing hair. The best part is that you can order these products from anywhere in the world including from the UK or United Kingdom (, Australia, France to Canada ( brings me to another question that I am always asked. Do the hair care products that you use make a difference. My answer is yes. It is the same as asking the question does the food you eat make a difference. My answer is yes. What you place in your body matters, just as what you place on your hair matters. If you respect your hair then you will use quality products. If you are not into using natural products and must use the chemicals then I recommend using Paul Mitchell, Redken, or Oscar Blandi.

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