Beverly Hills Skincare: Winter Skin Care Tips

Winter skin care is vital for keeping your skin soft and hydrated during winter months. Winter weather can be harsh on the skin, especially sensitive skin, because it breaks down the natural moisture barrier that protects your skin. Cold temperatures and strong winds make skin dry and itchy. Climate extremes also make skin more prone to fine lines, wrinkles and other sings of premature aging.

To help you keep your skin beautiful all winter long, the skin care professionals at Beverly Hills Skincare present these winter skin care tips.

Moisturize morning and night

Apply skin moisturizer liberally and frequently, and use hypo-allergenic cream if your skin is sensitive.  Skin moisturizers provide a protective barrier to help skin fend off winter’s harsh elements. Moisturize morning and night, giving extra care to the delicate skin around the eyes and mouth to protect against crow’s feet and deep wrinkles.

Be careful when buying skin moisturizer. Most store brands contain only simple emollients that sit on the skin’s surface and make it feel moisturized temporarily. For deep hydration, opt for moisturizers like Advanced Youth Recovery from Beverly Hills Skincare. This overnight cream contains ingredients that boost skin’s moisture content from inside to protect against winter dryness and skin aging.

Slather on the SPF

One of the most comment winter skin care mistakes is neglecting to use SPF sunscreen or sun block. People assume that because the air is cold, they don’t need sun protection. But the earth is actually closest to the sun at the New Year, during the winter months! Make a broad-spectrum (UVA/UVB) SPF sunscreen like Beverly Hills Skincare Daily Age Revolution SPF 15 part of your daily routine. Daily Age Revolution is a perfect winter skin care solution because it provides sun protection, all-day moisturization and anti-aging in one step.

Cleanse with care

Splashing some hot water on your face after coming in from the frigid cold may feel good, but it can do serious harm to your skin. Hot water can strip your skin of moisture causing dry skin, flaky skin, rough skin texture, skin redness and skin irritation. That’s the last thing you need this time of year, so use warm water while cleansing your face and don’t bask in sweltering showers. Always use a mild cleanser and pat skin dry gently. Moisturize immediately afterward to seal in hydration.

Exfoliate several times a week

Because winter weather tends to dry skin out, you may find that your skin flakes and sheds. This build-up of dead skin hinders the skin from carrying out its normal function of excreting toxins and producing sebum to help heal wind burn. Exfoliating is a key component of winter skin care to keep pores clear, slough away build up of dead skin cells and prevent dull winter skin.

But be very cautious because many exfoliating products contain harsh ingredients that can irritate sensitive skin and strip away skin’s protective barrier, leading to redness and rashes. Choose a product like Decade Peel Exfoliating Serum from Beverly Hills Skincare. The gentle formula soothes, calms and prevents irritation so you can keep a glowing, luminous complexion even in the harshest winter weather.

Get tropical

Even if you can’t make it to a tropical island this winter, you can still soak up some humidity. Consider investing in a humidifier. The extra moisture in the air will help keep your skin supple and smooth even when it’s blistering cold outside.

Winter skin care isn’t complicated and doesn’t have to cost a lot or take much time. The Beverly Hills Skincare Collection provides everything you need to protect your skin and keep your complexion looking soft, youthful and beautiful all winter long. And as part of a special offer for new customers, you can try it risk free.

This offer includes Daily Age Revolution SPF 15 to protect against sun damage, and Advanced Youth Recovery overnight cream to keep skin supremely moisturized. For a limited time, you’ll also receive a free Decade Peel Exfoliating Serum.

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