Choosing the Right Hair Brush for Healthy Hair

healthy hair care

Hair is one of the most revered parts of the body. Having shiny, smooth and healthy hair shows one is taking good care of her skin and body. However, for most this is not an easy undertaking because they are unaware of the damages done to their hair when they use different hair products such as brushes. That’s why it’s important to choose the right type of hairbrush and clean it regularly to promote strong and healthy hair. In addition, taking supplements such as collagen and hyaluronic acid can help strengthen hair from inside out.

Type of Hair Brush

Brushing hair is vital to keeping it manageable and tangle-free. In addition, it stimulates good blood circulation so that essential nutrients are carried to the hair follicles for hair growth. The best type of hairbrush to use is a natural bristle like boar’s hair. The bristles of boar’s brush are like the keratin strands of hair that absorbs oil and dirt. Furthermore, the tips of the bristles are rounded so they lightly massage your scalp to promote blood circulation. A type of boar’s brush is Kent hairbrush. It’s available in the market but stray from nylon Kent brushes because these are rougher and sharper than boar’s brush. Using nylon brushes could inflame and cause damage to the hair and scalp.

Right Method of Brushing Hair

Having the right brush is not the only requirement to achieve strong and healthy hair. You must also know the right way to brush your hair to stimulate blood circulation to the scalp and also to prevent accumulation of oil and dirt. You can avoid accretion of dirt on your scalp when you brush your hair regularly. It is best to brush twice a day and brush only when your hair is dry. This is to obviate the breakage of your strands. Brush for about 3 minutes if you have short hair and 5 minutes if longer.

One way to brush your hair is to bend over with your head towards the floor. There should be a forward brushing motion from the back of the neck to the scalp. After which you can brush using a downward motion – from the top of the head down to the neck.

Cleaning Hair Brush

If your hairbrush is not cleaned on a regular basis, dirt can accumulate over time that could lead to depositing dirt back to your scalp. It is best to clean it everyday. It’s better to have two brushes because you can alternate their usage. The way to clean a brush is to rinse it first, then use a shampoo to remove the dirt. Scrub the bristles by using your hand in a back and forth motion. Afterwards you may dry it with a towel. Wait for it to dry and usually it dries completely after 24 hours.

Now you know the simple secret to having that healthy lush hair. All you have to do is choose the right brush, know the right way of brushing and clean your brushes regularly. You may also want to try other ways of promoting healthy hair and one is taking Super Collagen + C, which can be taken orally along with hyaluronic acid. These supplements provide collagen and other nutrients not just for strong hair but for healthy skin and joints as well.

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