Dental Care – Reaching Out to the Poor

When we talk about economic meltdown and inflation putting pressures on the pockets of today economy class population, we over look the fact that the ones below the poverty line are suffering the most. In that case, when they hardly care about loads of diseases around them, from where will they get the funds to pay attention to the dental care?

A survey brought into lime light that poor people do not even know what Oral Health or Dental Care is! Their lack of knowledge sounds as strange to us as these terms would have sounded them. The poor, living in rural, backward areas carve even for the easy accessibility of basic human needs, so thinking that things like dental care reach out to them would obviously be foolish.

But today, efforts are being collaborated and thus, steps are being taken by practicing students as well as NGOs to take Dental Awareness and Dental Care to the remotest parts of rural stretches. To much extent, these efforts have been fruitful too. Now such camps even attract commercial product sponsors and thus are set-up in a better way.

Various medical institutes and non-profit organizations work towards the development of these rural people and within these development plans, they include dental plans too. These free plans include their free dental check-up and basic necessary medications if needed. Also, those who need proper treatments for instance a root canal treatment, cavity filling or tooth replacement, proper medical camps are set up where these treatments are given to them free of cost. These people are also enrolled as members of those Dental Plans for Poor [] so that whenever the next camp is set-up, they make it a point to turn-up for their free dental check-up.

The Free Dental Plans provide an opportunity, to the otherwise uneducated masses, to have the basic knowledge about tooth-care and oral health. The best part, that also serves as the driving factor for these poor people to enroll in these camps, is that they are free of cost i.e. charge nothing from the people in return of their service. There are awareness programmes organized within the camp to let these people know about the basic steps or home remedies that they can make use of in case of minimal dental troubles. These overall collaborating efforts of these free dental plans make them the best way of taking Dental Care to the poor.

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