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At the time of Cleopatra, a beautiful woman did not discuss natural skin care, because at that time none of the available care products contained an unnatural ingredient. At that time there were no biochemists available to process plant parts. There were no synthetic chemicals that could be mixed with any plant-derived substances.

The products used by Cleopatra and all of the women around her provided those women with a way to carry-out the classic form of natural skin care. Those products had a preponderance of plant-based ingredients. Any minerals in those products came from substances found in nature.

Herbs, roots, oils and flowers all provided ancient women with an adequate supply of the substances that they needed when caring for their skin. Those women learned how to mix plant-derived substances with carrier agents that could be found in nature.

The mummies of Egypt serve as proof that the Egyptian women had access to natural, yet effective preservatives. Those women did not add synthetic chemicals to the products that they put on their skin. Those women could preserve those products without using any of the synthetic chemicals that are found on many of today’s product labels.

Those women never had to worry about the possible side effects from any substance that they put on their skin. At the same time, those women lacked today’s knowledge about natural skin care. They did not know, for example, that fatty fish contains omega-3 fatty acids, and the ingestion of generous amounts of omega-3 fatty acids can prevent premature aging.

Those women had no access to information about the complementary relationship between plants and humans. They could not count on scientists to produce more effective products, products that capitalized on that same complementary relationship.

At that time no one knew what proteins in the skin were necessary for maintenance of healthy skin. At the time of Cleopatra, women did not live to be as old as they do today. Yet today, women do not want to believe that only younger women can have healthy skin.

At the time of Cleopatra, no one realized that use of natural skin care products  could facilitate production of important proteins. Today, women can go online and read about proteins such as collagen and elastin.

Today, women can sit at a computer and discover that collagen is protein, a protein that displays a fiber-like characteristic. The collagen in skin gives it tensile strength; it causes it to become firmer.

A woman at a computer can also search for information about elastin. Her search should lead her to discovery of the fact that elastin allows the skin to be flexible. When it contains elastin, then stretched skin can return to its original form.

Our evolving understanding of skin care has given present-day women products that were not available to Cleopatra and her retinue of women. Today women can apply to their products that do more than simply facilitate the production of collagen and elastin. Today women can use products that actually stimulate the production of those proteins.

When women use those products, their skin makes collagen. It becomes firmer, and it ceases to sag. Because it can also make elastin, it returns to its original position. The women who use such natural skin care products can enjoy seeing a more youthful face in the mirror.

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