Exclusive Distributors Wanted In Africa For Epitomi & Remedi Hair Care Product Lines

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African Shea Butter (Butyrospermum parkii), derived from the Karite Tree in West Africa, has been used for centuries within the African culture for skin and hair care because of its emollient properties, which protected the skin and hair from the African climate. This very versatile product is also well known as a wonderful natural healing and moisturizing agent and research has also indicated benefits as an anti-inflammatory and in the regeneration of dermal tissue. In recent years, Shea Butter has become widely accepted within Western culture as a superior moisturizer, and is now a key ingredient in many health and beauty products.

Epitomi had the foresight and knowledge to use African Shea Butter in hair care product formulations and launched a retail hair and scalp treatment line called Remedi (rem-e-di). These products were specifically designed to alleviate the problems of dry brittle breaking hair, associated with the use of chemicals, color and heat styling implements. The line was expanded to treat such problems as Dandruff and Thinning hair as well as for overall healthy hair care maintenance. The philosophy behind the Remedi line is that Beautiful Hair must first be Healthy. Remedi products were formulated using the latest advancement in hair care technology and contain the finest quality ingredients to include pure African Shea Butter and natural botanicals to moisturize strengthen, protect, repair and energize the hair.

Epitomi professional products are currently available only in salons and Remedi hair care products are available in beauty supply stores. Epitomi is so confident of the quality and performance of the Remedi retail and Epitomi professional products that it offers a 100% satisfaction or your money back guarantee to consumers as well as distributors.

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