Eye Floaters – Removal and Treatment

Eye floaters are small pieces of gel that forms in the vitreous, the clear liquid gel which fills the inner cavity of the eye. Although they seem to be in front of the eye, they are actually floating in the fluid within the eye and are seen as shadows on the retina (the light, because the lining of the eye). The appearance of floaters, or in the form of small dots, circles, lines or cobwebs, may cause great concern, especially if suddenly, but usually are minor and represent a process of aging. The vitreous gel shrinks over time, become detached from the retina and causes floaters. Floaters can sometimes come with a clear vision, for example while you reading. It disturbs you and can be very annoying. This is especially common among people with myopia or after cataract surgery.

Since there is no surgical solution that modern medicine offers eye floaters removal to reduce or get rid of eye floaters, many therapists suggest their patients to perform relaxation techniques and eye exercises instead. Many people have benefited from the results permanently by following other useful information on the eye floaters treatment, improving vision through exercises do-it-at-home simple, and other information to improve your natural vision and improve the overall health of your eyes.

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