Fat Loss – How Proper Chewing Reduces Excess Fat

Chewing can help in fat loss i.e. if it is done properly. We have all heard about how important proper chewing is in order to digest our food properly, yet this factor is not taken that seriously and often we forget to take it into consideration. This article discusses everything that you should know about chewing so that it may drill down the right understanding into the mind.

The Proper Mental State While Chewing

Your mind should be completely relaxed when you are chewing your food. In other words, it should have a parasympathetic state. If your mind is thinking too much or is going through emotions, your body is not really prepared to intake food. If you do end up eating in that state, the resources in the body will not be fully utilized to digest the food. You may end up eating more than your body requires because your mind may not be able to catch the signals of the body to stop eating. And when you eat more, gaining more fat comes naturally. So if you are looking to lose excess fat, eat slowly and be relaxed.

Slow Down Your Chewing

When you chew your food, make sure that you eat it slowly. By doing that, the saliva gets properly mixed with the food in the mouth. The saliva contains enzymes that help in breaking down carbohydrates. When the food reaches the stomach, since it is already broken down, it becomes much easier for digestive juices to work on it. The protein containing food must be chewed and broken down in the mouth thoroughly before it enters the stomach. The body has to work hard to digest the proteins, so you are really helping your own body save its resources by properly chewing the food in the mouth. When you eat slowly, you need to eat less because proper digestion will help provide more nutrients to the body using less amount of food. So that’s another factor to help you eat less which results in gaining less fat.

Chewing Helps Avoid Constipation

When you chew properly and slowly, the food is digested much easily and it doesn’t just sit there. The enzymes in the stomach can work on more surface area and digest the food faster. Properly digested food helps in better elimination and reduces the chances of constipation. If your goal is to lose fat, being constipated will only make it more difficult.

More Energy and Better Teeth and Gums

Properly digested food provides more energy to your body and chewing exercises your teeth and gums which makes them healthier.

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