Foods and Natural Supplements for Skin Beauty

There are foods that work for a great deal to keep skin healthy, clean, smooth and bright as we all love. Using them in your daily diet you will notice the differences. For this reason, it never hurts to take them into account if it pleases you look good.

Some foods are great for skin care. So it never hurts to keep on hand for use in the daily diet. Can expect to get very good for your skin.

The broccoli is an excellent remedy for the skin. Is that, like other plants of the same family as cabbage, contains substances that protect the skin from external aggressions. Also nuts are very good for the skin because they provide essential fatty acids for the skin.

Oats is very good for skin. It provides fiber and work as to elimination of toxins. The avocado Food is another classic that will always come well to the skin. Especially healthy fats and intoxicating that it possesses.

Here’s a list of foods that will improve your acne to include them in your diet:

– Vitamin A or beta carotene. It reduces sebum production. Is present in carrots, beets, arugula, pumpkin, mango, melon, watermelon, papaya, guava, nectarine, tangerine, apricot and avocado.

– Chrome: Decreases the skin resistance to insulin. Sources of this mineral, grain, grapes, raisins.

– Vitamin B6 regulates hormone metabolism. Sources: red meat, whole grains, brewer’s yeast, wheat germ and vegetable.

– Lactobacillus. Present in the yogurt, stimulate immunity.

– Fibers. Regularize the intestinal transit. Are in fruits, vegetables, corn, prune, oats and flax.

– Vitamin B2. Controls the oiliness of the skin. Found in brewer’s yeast, whole grains, egg yolks and legumes.

– Vitamin C an antioxidant, present in strawberries, broccoli, tomato and guava, citrus fruits as well.

– Calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. These minerals are important for the balance of blood, a quality essential for clean skin. To obtain consume skim milk, yogurt, cheese, lean, vegetables and seafood.

The food lists that can be used as natural product ingredients of beauty are very great. The following foods are some of the most used and effective.

Natural oils as the virgin oil of olive, oil of almond etc. These oils can be used in the eyelashes, to remove maquillage, like humectants in cases of emergency or mask if the skin is dry. They are possible to be used instead of cream in the body.

Avocados are very effective humectants masks for dry skin or normal. It is possible to be used as mask in the hair to give brightness.

Oats- Whole oats is used because calm the skin, inflammation, aid to humectar it and thickens the masks to be able to use them with more facility. It is used in masks.

Sugar is used in exfoliation caretakers mixed with oil or cream. The glycolic acid comes from the sugar cane and this contains it but in small amounts.

Sodium bicarbonate

Aid to whiten and is used with water oxygenated for better results. It can be used like exfoliation.

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