From Fat to Fit – Change `n` Feel the Difference

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Although there is a difference of only one alphabet in the words, Fat and Fit, but these two words land us in two entirely different worlds! Be it playing with friends or kids, enjoying any sport with loved ones or having a good meal, everyone wants to enjoy life irrespective of size and shape.

Every person wants to get and be in a perfect shape, which is not that difficult, than it seems. With Strong Will Power and Firm Determination one can easily achieve this goal. Though, initial way may not be easy, but one should continue moving without getting distracted. The zeal to lead life in a healthy way brings a spark in persona. The total prospective of life changes, once a person reaches the Goal. Joy of transformation i.e, From Fat To Fit is reflected in personality of person.

Firstly, one should analyze reason of being over-weight. For that, daily routine, kind of food intake, total exercise time, sleeping pattern and many such factors should be considered. Detailing of all these options can help to get better results. For example, if a person sleeps for more than 7-8 hours in a day, then it is sure, weight will increase. Also by excessive intake of fast food, one is sure to add extra pounds to the body. After working on all these perspective angles, one should start working on their `Fitness Regimen.`

Pre-requisite requirement of this program is a total transfiguration of one`s way of thinking and doing little bit changes. Strong determination and small changes, when combined, can lead to a big result. Simply start with basic changes in day-to-day life, like mending eating habits, doing serious work-outs and applying a disciplinary sleeping pattern. The entire life-style can also be easily modified once these little changes are successfully implemented.

One should make way for `only` healthy food in kitchen and simultaneously, a big NO to unhealthy food. Lots of healthy foods like oats, garlic, broccoli, soy etc. are available in our own kitchen, which are ignored generally. Learn to mix `n` match them with different recipes and convert every meal to a healthy diet. If a person gets innovative with new diet, then wonders can be done! Not only diet modification, but altering eating habits can bring in considerable changes. For ex. intake of hot water, several times in a day helps in cleansing organs. Also, fat content gets dissolved in this water, which when excreted from our body, makes one loose those extra flabs!

Many companies also give several weight loss plans. They provide a tailor-made plan to suit the client`s needs. These plans can be availed online also. They also provide home-delivery of such freshly-prepared nutritionally-balanced meals. Prominent brands in this industry are eDiets, Medifast, and Weight Watchers.

Moving on from diet to yet another important part of weight loss program . Exercise. Exercising not only keeps body fit, it also rejuvenates the soul. Moving out of the comfort zone and getting into tiring zone, demands a lot of Patience and Stability. Since, an obese person is generally unfamiliar to work-out culture, so it may require some time to adjust. There are many clubs and gyms which provide fitness and training programs. And with 24 Hour Fitness Clubs and gyms open round the clock, one can go at any time of the day to do exercises in a well manner.

If it is difficult, to manage with gym timings, then one can also use various fitness equipments within the comfort of home. Sports Authority is one of the best stores to get fitness equipments of famous brands like Schwinn, Sole, Body Flex, Body Solid, Bowflex and many more. Fitness equipments are generally expensive, but with help of Sports Authority coupons, one can get them at much discounted prices. To get best result of work-outs, always consult a Fitness-trainer. These trainers help to understand body in a much better way. Once a person starts enjoying his work-outs, they can even find it hard to miss it. Outcome of proper and disciplined work-outs are phenomenal.

As transition phase requires a lot of patience and unparalleled faith in one-self so, one should be thoroughly dedicated to enjoy the Beautiful Result!! Coming year, gift this most Wonderful Gift to Self and see how life changes! Make it a New Year Resolution and follow it whole-heartedly. We all know that Life is TOO short to LIVE, so Wake Up and don`t shorten it further!!

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