Health and Beauty Care Tips

beauty care tips

Health is wealth. An age old saying and holds good for all times.
A way to man’s health is through many factors. Some of these are:

Water intake: Water is quintessential for health. A regular 8-10 glass of 200ml each are helpful in maintaining water requirement of the body, keep lethargy away and drain out toxins from the body.
Food you eat: salads and fruits to a minimum of 4-5 servings make up the health level of all. People are more attracted towards fried and tinned foods which only add to the blood cholesterol level. Indulgence but occasionally can be allowed but not as a habit.
Walking and Exercising: Experts advise 30-40 minutes brisk walking and 15-minutes exercising regularly give way to man’s best health.

Develop a Hobby: All the kids have a hobby. Yet these kids when grow into an adult loose interest in all the activities. Develop a hobby like gardening, reading, cycling, etc to make your mind be free of all tensions.

Sleep tight: while all the activities are to spend the excessive energy, sleeping is to restore all the energy you have and giving rest to mind, body and soul.

Beauty does lie in the eyes of beholder, yet it has to be preserved. Eating salads and fruits and taking adequate amount of water preserves beauty naturally.
A regular massage to the face and hands help maintain youth and preserves nutrition. There days the market is flooded with beauty-care Cosmetics for different face, hands, feet and hair. Companies like L’Oreal, Garnier, Lakme, Chambor, offer a wide range of products, according to skin type and problems.

In case of protection from sun, moisturizers and gels with different sun-protection factor are available for all skin types.

Most common problem is wrinkles which are unavoidable with age yet can be made finer with wrinkle-free creams.
Another major problem is of hair fall. There are companies which offer reduced hair fall by applying special serums and oils to the roots of hair. In fact a regular oil-massage along with steaming before head washes give way to stronger silkier hair.

In the day to day life hair and face are taken care of. Hence reserve the weekend for the hand and feet. Massage them regularly and if possible soak them in warm water.

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