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Health and fitness have become a big business and people are struggling to have best healthiest body. The people are spending money in huge value and doing something to improve their bodies and normal lifestyle. The health and fitness industries are earning millions of dollars every per year through fitness equipment, herbal supplements, gyms, and specific diets. Many media resources are promoting through different channels like TV, magazines, internet advertising they ask for spend money and make their body fit and smart.

The healthiest body required continually exercises and physical activity; if we want to stay fit we need it so much in our daily life, exercise burns fats as well as build muscles, remove stress and anxiety, decrease cholesterols, make us sleep easily. Exercises increase body temperature which helps to mobilize fats in the body used for energy and metabolic rate will be increased as well which will help to burn maximum fats and improve the ratio of the body’s fat percentage in the body. Aerobic (cardiorespiratory) exercises make the ability to use oxygen efficiently and depend upon the condition of your heart, muscles and lungs, these exercises increase the percentage of oxygen that is delivered to our muscles, which allows us to work longer. Walk is one important type of aerobic exercise.

The foods are the essential part of our health and fitness, it can be the as medicine, in this regard the organic food strongly recommended for growing the ones body and make it healthy, its provides more nutrition and contain vitamins, minerals etc and no additives are present, all physical, mental, chemical, metabolic, and hormonal activities required nutrition, and it repair and rebuild the body.

Keep yourself happy because stress can damage your mental and physical health, don’t be sad always try to be happy, as well as cut down smoking because its stop growing ones body as need, drinks lot of water at least 7 to 8 glass of water daily, water also one of the important tool to loss your weight. Sleep well because its changes hormone levels and ability to metabolize carbohydrates, so research shows that good and deep sleep causes cell repair and help to growing cell and burn calories by speed up the metabolism so its recommended sleep at least 8 hours in a night.

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