Health Care: Where To Now?

I have never seen any individual on TV or seen on the radio, discuss a government totally free health care system. Again, no government software I have ever seen functions help the governed, they merely work to the good thing about Washington DC. Really the only system that will effort is a system absent of the government programs, lack of of lawyers, sufficient reason for health insurance that guards us from going under. Only catastrophic insurance coverage should be available. The advantage of such a system is which government is not required, lawyers would be forbidden from profiting through people’s misfortunes, insurance can be available in a way that fulfills the definition of insurance (safety against loss), and finally the graft and data corruption now in our program would be eliminated. This kind of system would control in exorbitant charges that infect modern day system thus allowing for today’s costs in the future down as much as 70%.

People in america take too many medicines, go to the doctor too frequently and are afraid of going under due to a catastrophic ailment. Everything else in healthcare is designed to “help” your body accomplish its job.

The worry of financial disaster may be alleviated by purchasing disastrous coverage. Also, as a result of government run applications, ten percent of our human population uses up ninety percent coming from all health care resources. We will learn to vote effectively and become more intelligent about what health care really is, the system will continue to work. Learn more truths when you go to my “.com” site, “the health care fix”. There are also a couple of books available on Amazon . com Kindle, “Health Care: It may be Fixed” and “Ten Tenets For Much better Health”.

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