Healthy Diet Tips for Healthy Hair

One of the most productive things you can do for healthy hair is to have a diet that is rich in foods needed for beautiful locks. Shiny, full bodied hair is a consequence of eating foods that provide strength and vitality to the roots. If you will add these simple food choices to your diet each day, you are sure to have movie star appeal and celebrity hair in a matter of weeks.

Water – The Key Ingredient

The normal person has almost a fourth of their water in the roots of their hair. Water adds softness and flexibility to the hair shaft. When you feel thirsty, your body is already dehydrated and the body will take the fluid from less necessary parts like the hair to supply the vital organs. Make drinking water a routine part of your day and take a full bottle with you at all times to keep the levels in a good zone.

Protein Rich Diet

Most of the shampoos and products designed for hair contain protein and this should be an indicator of how important it is for healthy hair. While the protein added to the outside of the hair shaft is good, it is better for the protein to come from the inside out as the roots are being treated. The protein will stop the hair from having split ends and from breaking easily. Fish, cheese, cereal, milk, and meat are good sources of protein.

Minerals Enrich Hair

Hair needs minerals like iron, zinc, and copper. The iron rich foods like red meat and vegetables that are dark green carry iron. Without iron, the hair will not be able to utilize oxygen as it should for hair strength. Zinc comes from seafood and meat. Copper will add to the luster and enhance the color of hair. This can be found in nuts, meat, seeds, liver, and fresh vegetable choices.

Vitamins Help Growth

Vitamins help the hair grow as it should and can be obtained through carrots and other vegetables. Vitamin A creates a healthy scalp and provides a positive result for your skin. Vitamins C and B will again help with hair growth and also bring out a beautiful color to your hair. Fruits, cereals, vegetables, milk, bread, and eggs are rich in Vitamins C and B.

Don’t Forget Exercise

Above all, exercise will do the most to provide healthy hair. The exercise will produce better blood flow to the scalp and thus bring all the nutrients to where it is needed most. When the scalp is healthy, the hair shows it.

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