How A Patient Can Effectively Communicate With A Dentist For Optimal Dental Care

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For many patients, going to the dentist for routine dental work is both scary and intimidating. And most of this fear can be attributed to a lack of trust and communication between the patient and dentist. With that being said, learning how to communicate with your dentist is a crucial step for achieving the best dental care possible.

Fortunately, a dentist’s expertise doesn’t only include his clinical skills, but patient education and good communication as well. Good communication between a dentist and a patient will benefit the patient, the dentist and the dental team.

Speak Up About Your Dental Anxiety

If dental appointments make you nervous, but you haven’t expressed your fears to your dentist, he won’t be able to ease the anxiety and provide the best dental care possible. A caring and qualified dentist will listen to your concerns and work with you to modify a treatment plan to make you as comfortable as possible during every visit. Also, don’t forget to reveal important medical history, conditions or medications in order to avoid complications and receive safe, appropriate dental care.

Just as the dentist is responsible for communicating with the patient, the patient must also practice open, honest communication. Always tell your dentist about tooth pain or other oral health problems you are experiencing. Failing to communicate these issues won’t make the dental problem go away; it will only get worse. Not to mention that there are many new dental techniques available today, such as laser dentistry, that helps make invasive dental treatments faster and more pain free than ever.

The Age of Online Communication

In this day and age, there are numerous ways a patient can communicate with a dentist. In fact, many dentists have established practice websites, making obtaining dental information and practice details easier than ever for patients. Visit your Kirkwood dentist’s site and access an array of valuable dental information including office details, new patient forms, service descriptions and a patient education library. Not to mention that you can make an appointment via the practice’s website so that you don’t even have to call the office. Have dental concerns or a question about a procedure? Just use the website’s contact form and a dental team member will contact you with answers.

Social networking and blogs are also becoming increasingly popular methods for sharing information and communicating online. Check out your Sunset Hills dentist’s Facebook page for more information about the practice including articles, photos and a discussion forum.

There are numerous ways to communicate with your dentist and learn to trust his expertise. Express your fears to your dentist and allow him to help you feel comfortable; and take advantage of new information technology, including your dentist’s website and rapidly growing social media channels. Once you learn to communicate effectively, you’ll be able to better understand your dental treatment options, ease your dental anxiety and achieve a healthier, more beautiful smile.

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