How to Find the Right Anti Aging Skin Care Product

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Anti aging skin care products seem to be everywhere these days. With so many skin care products to choose from, finding the best is difficult. Price is not necessarily a good measure of quality.

Most of your popular anti aging skin care products are very expensive. As mentioned price, value and quality are not always equal.

We won’t name the popular brands here but you know the ones I am referring to.  They all advertise heavily either on TV, home shopping networks, magazines etc.  Much of their operating budget goes for advertisng and not for research, development or manufacturing let alone ingredients.

You buy the product because of what you are led to believe it will do.  But if the essential ingredients are not in the anti aging skin care product you will be disappointed when you look in the mirror.  Has that been your experience?  It has been mine.

If the “big names” would spend more on active ingredients in the skin care product they would have an effective anti aging skin care product.  It takes a special company to put ingredients into the product that really work.  Yes, a company that does things right will charge a little more for their skin care line but if it truly does the job that is O.K. with most of us.

An anti aging skin care product that really works should have in it a lot of active ingredients in high concentrated amounts, 50% minimum.  You will be hard pressed to find a company that does that.  I have found only one.

The reason why most anti aging skin care products don’t work is that purified water is the main ingredient.  Added to the skin care product is things like artificial fragrances, preservatives, colors, etc. All these things smell good, look good, won’t spoil for years but are practically  worthless.  That is because they usually contain very little active ingredients.

Finding the right anti aging skin care products is not spending a ton of money on some fancy package that looks great on your dresser and smells oh so nice.  You may as well take the money you spent on it and ,yes, push down on the handle, watch it swirl around and gurgle out of sight.

So how do you find the best anti aging skin care products?  Do what I did.  Stay out of department stores, turn of the shopping network and quit reading ads in “glamour” mags.  You absolutely will not find an effective anti aging product there.  The best skin care products come directly from the manufacturer.  Here’s a tip on what I found out.

Gold-plated Tip

Think about this for a moment: Where would you go to get the best nutritional supplements for your health? No, not the shopping channels nor the health food store.  Which is a surprise to most.  It shouldn’t be since they will sell what ever anyone will buy.

The best source for any anti aging skin care product is from a company that also knows and cares about your health.  One who has effective vitamins and supplements that help enchance your quality of life.

One company that I found, that also makes a superb line of nutritional supplements,  says, ‘The ingredients we put in our skin care products are safe enough to eat’. Now that is the kind of company you want to find. Judging from the results I get, I sure am glad I found them.


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