How To Guarantee Yourself Successful Fat Loss (And Perpetual Health)

It’s no secret. You hear about it. You see it. You may even personally experience it: increasing numbers of people around the world battle with obesity and chronic illness.

And for every handful of individuals that fight the battle and win, there are scores more that struggle like the cliched hamster in the wheel, getting leaner and more fit for a few months, falling off track and starting the entire process over again.

It’s ironic, isn’t it? All of this occurs amidst an abundance of fitness facilities, fitness classes, and health and fitness professionals delivering an abundance of ‘helpful’ information that tells you exactly how to reclaim your health and fitness.

How can this be?

How, when you and others are killing yourselves in the gym, doing the most up-to-date, cutting-edge, high-intensity training programs that are guaranteed to burn body fat and help you drop 2 clothing sizes in 21 days?

How, with the mountain of nutritional guidance at your fingertips? How, when you’re “doing everything exactly as you were told to?”

Assuming that the advice you’re following isn’t ‘wrong,’ what needs to change for you to succeed?

Would a simple shift in perspective do the trick? Perhaps a different look at the whole health/fitness/nutrition/exercise puzzle — and putting the pieces together differently — will deliver the success you desire.

Ready to consider it? Read on.

How To Guarantee Yourself Successful Fat Loss (and Perpetual Health)

1) Shift your perspective on health and fitness.

Most people practice the health and fitness lifestyle by focusing on fitness, assuming that improved fitness creates improved health.

Getting fit can improve the way you look, feel and perform, but it doesn’t guarantee it – especially if your body doesn’t have a stable foundation of health to build from.

Quite simply, a fitness first mentality is not the surest way to success.

Make ‘building health’ your focus. By doing this, fitness becomes much easier to develop, with the results being more stable and longer lasting.

2) Shift your perspective. Period.

Are you really living the life that you want? If you’re not, or you’re not sure, you’d do yourself a great service by figuring it out!

(“Why? And what does this have to do with getting the body I want?”)

‘YOU’ consists of emotional, mental, spiritual and physical components – all completely intertwined and working in concert to deliver and maintain health.

Living a life that goes against the grain of what your heart desires leaves an underlying current of unhappiness, apathy, dissatisfaction (stress!) — regardless of what you visibly display to the outside world. If this continues for extended periods of time, you leave yourself open to fatigue, inefficient body function and diminished ability to adapt to stress.

In short, the result is exhaustion and increased chances of disease and disability.

Not exactly what you’re looking for, is it?

Help yourself by getting in touch with your heart! Focus on you and your desires and, as necessary, change your life! CREATE and live the life that you’ve always wanted… and you’ll create a positive, energized environment that supports health and fat loss.

3) Shift your perspective on nutrition.

Obtaining information on nutrition (or anything else for that matter!) has never been easier, yet somehow the ‘right’ information continues to miss the mainstream.

Here we are in 2011 and the majority still looks to special diets, calorie counting and ‘one-size-fits-all’ approaches to deliver results… and it’s that same majority that continues to struggle with fat loss, health and fitness.

If you want long lasting success, focus on food QUALITY, not food Quantity.

QUALITY food provides the body with optimal components from which to (re-)build your body. QUALITY food enables efficient and effective physiological function. QUALITY food enables you to create energy and utilize it efficiently.

Quality food is your best medicine for promoting and maintaining health.

Focus on quality, and your body will tell you how much you need. Focus on quality, and you create the ‘perfect’ environment for fat-loss… without even considering exercise.

4) Shift your perspective on exercise.

It’s an absolute certainty that movement contributes significantly to quality of life. That said, it might be the least important factor in achieving fat loss, especially if you take points 1-3 into account.

Are you skeptical?

Consider these thoughts:

If exercise is the most significant factor, how do you explain the success of people who’ve regained significant health (and burned large amounts of fat), by simply cleaning up their nutrition, without having exercised? How good is the “best fat loss program in the world” if you’re unhappy, unmotivated or unwilling to do ‘the perfect fat loss program?’ (Perhaps desire is more important.) If one particular type of training is ‘most important’ for fat loss, how have people achieved success from a variety of training regimens? How do you explain the failure of those individuals who “comply 100% with their exercise program” but not with their nutrition? Wouldn’t exercise trump poor nutrition? How do you explain failure by those who are driven and 100% compliant with their nutrition and training? Could it be that the type and dose of exercise is inadequate, thus sabotaging the positive effects of motivation and quality nutrition?

Sure, exercise is important, but viewing it as the utmost priority for looking, feeling and performing better (as is typically practiced worldwide) may be the significant reason for unexpected, poor results.

So… shift your perspective:

Focus on getting healthy. Build health by reducing stress (by doing what your heart desires!). Build and reinforce health with quality nutrition that’s specific to your individual needs. Further reinforce your health with exercise (that’s specific to your individual needs).

It’s this little shift – and the action you take — that will guarantee the amazing results you’re looking for.

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