How to Use Clip Hair Extensions to Make Your Hair Look Beautiful

long blonde hairstylesI had long beautiful hair. But a few years back I cut it off really short as I wanted to try some different style. No sooner did my crowning glory vanish, then I realized my folly. I was inconsolable and did not venture out of my home. That’s when my friend visited my place and gave me a perfect solution of getting my long hair back by using clip hair extensions.

Clip Hair Extensions – A Boon for Women with Short Hair

You will agree with me that not all of us are gifted with beautiful long hair. But we can make them look great with the help of clip hair extensions.  It’s really very easy to use them. Let me give you a few basic tips.

  • Before putting the extensions, comb your hair properly so that it does not have any knots.
  • Take a few strands of your natural hair from the bottom skull bone and tie it up.
  • The next step will be to put the extension clip at the part from where you have taken your hair up. If you have three clips, you should fasten the side clips first and then the middle. If you make any mistake you can easily adjust the side clips. This will be the first layer of extensions.
  • Unfasten the hair which you had tied earlier on and comb your hair once again.
  • Now take strands of hair from below the crown of your hair and tie them up.
  • Take the second layer of extensions and clip it from where you have taken the strands of hair up. Once you finish clipping the hair, unfasten the hair that you had tied and comb your hair.
  • If you have a parting in your hair then take a few strands of hair from any one side, tie it up and add extensions with two clips. (You won’t need three clips for putting extensions on your side). Similarly you can put it for another side too. Comb your hair once you finish putting all the layers of extensions.

Isn’t it simple and easy? You just need to clip on. I know in the beginning, you may feel a bit uncomfortable. But trust me when you will look at yourself in the mirror you will be glad that you took all the trouble. If you put extensions daily, you will hardly take 10 minutes to put them on (a fact from personal experience).

Make sure that the hair extensions match the colour of your hair. I would strongly recommend you to get good quality though you might have to shell out extra money. Good quality extensions can be used for many years. You must also try to get the texture of extensions the same as your own hair, so that they will blend in beautifully and give you a natural look.

Do let me know the number of compliments that you got after you tried the extensions. Leave me a comment if this article has been helpful to you.

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