Low Cholesterol Foods for Body Fitness

body fitness

Cholesterol always comes to mind whenever we are thinking of body fitness and eating habits. More of this substance would result to bodily disorder; thus, resulting to high blood pressure causing cardiac arrest and stroke. What is needed is a regular check up of your cholesterol levels to reduce any dilemma later on.

There’s a famous adage that says: “health is wealth.” It is important to take care of our health since this is a precious gift given to us by our Creator. Regular exercise and proper eating habits are the important factors for lowering cholesterol in our body.
Regular exercise

Regular exercise is needed by our body to be physically fit, healthy and younger than your age. Work this out for at least thirty minutes for at least three times in a week if you cannot do it daily. It can bring benefits in mental, emotional, physical and appearance conditions.

With regular exercise, there can be improvement in your thinking and mood. It can make you feel more comfortable, alert, happier and with full of energy.

Regular exercise is also good to your heart as it prevents your heart from disease. You can also lose weight by keeping your body in shape. Since muscles are relaxed, it can keep your muscles stronger, help your body parts function smoothly and keep blood circulating normally to the heart.

Appearance is also affected with regular exercise. It is not only giving you shape in your body but making you look fitter and healthier and making your skin softer and firmer and eyes brighter.
Proper eating habits

For proper eating habits, it is necessary to consult either your doctor or dietitian. Improper nutrition can cause problems. Our body needs proper and balanced diet which are necessary for our metabolic functions to prevent serious bodily threats.

Low calorie diet is needed for those who are obese. This is important for weight loss and helps burn extra body fat as well.

Our body needs fruits and vegetables, cereals, pulses, milk and dairy products, fish and meat. The portions of these foods are needed to be measured based on age, weight, gender, lifestyle and health conditions of the person. Any excess in the intake of these food groups makes wrong eating habits; thus, it is bad for our body since more toxins and fats could be accumulated.

It is a wise decision to have more servings of of raw fruits and vegetables because these are abundant sources of minerals and vitamins as well as fibrous substances. Choice of fruits like oranges, apple, pears and carrots are good to our health because these are high sources of nutrients needed by our body. These fruits are also needed for the proper functioning of our digestive system to help absorb the high levels of cholesterol and throw them out as body wastes. Water intake should not be taken for granted because our body needs at least eight glasses of water per day. Even if juices are included in your daily intake, it is still necessary to complete the water requirements our body needs.

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