Medical Marijuana as an Alternative Medication

There are many of us who has trouble with glaucoma, some chronic pain, or severe loss of appetite. When prescribed modern medication from the doctors doesn’t work anymore there is another way to overcome these problems. A rather unique way to use the cannabis plant or marijuana nowadays has been researched rather extensively to treat the illness mentioned above. With proper diagnosis from eligible doctors you can get a prescription for medical marijuana to treat your illness. This prescription of course doesn’t come easy and is still illegal in some states. But if you are meeting a dead end in battling your glaucoma or even AIDS, there is no harm in trying medical marijuana as an alternative to cure your disease.


To begin your quest in trying to cure your illness with medical marijuana, you must get a medical marijuana card. To get a medical marijuana card you must first be diagnosed with diseases like Cancer, HIV/AIDS, or glaucoma. You can also apply medication by this alternative if you need medication for medical conditions such as severe nausea, seizures, or agitation caused by the Alzheimer disease. There are other medical conditions that can make you eligible in receiving this treatment; you can search for details on websites that concentrates on promoting medication using medical marijuana.


After you are diagnosed with one or some of the conditions above, you would need a medical marijuana recommendation from a qualified doctor. You can also find a list of qualified physician that can give you these written recommendations on the websites mentioned above. When all this is done you can register in the state Department of Human Services to get your California Marijuana card. You may keep up to 24 ounces of usable marijuana for medical purposes after you get your card. You will need to grow them yourself since the law doesn’t allow you to purchase them from illegal sources.


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