Mind-Body Fitness for Boomers – Longevity Hinges on Age-Specific Nutrition and Workouts

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Baby Boomers know that nutrition and exercise should be tailored to the gender and weight of the recipient.

If you watch the TV program “The Biggest Loser,” you also know that nutrition and exercise are tailored to the participant’s AGE. Increasingly, baby boomers are aware of the fitness adjustments they need to make as they age. And these adjustments characterize the concept of fitness for boomers.



It’s not a surprise that boomers cannot eat (or drink) the amount or type of food they could when they were younger. Clearly, cell absorption rate and digestion change as we age. Spicy foods may cause problems. Flatulence may increase as more foods fail to digest completely.

The supplements we take also require adjustment to replace nutrients a boomer needs more of because the body can no longer create them. Many mutlti vitamin products are created specifically for people over 50.



The more sedentary we boomers become, the less likely we are to exercise our bodies. Then, one day we realize there’s a grunt when we attempt to get out of the lounge chair. Or, we begin to forget things like where we put the keys or our sunglasses. Both are signs that age-specific exercise might be a good idea.  

The types of exercise recommended for boomers are a combination of brainercise, endurance, strength, flexibility, and balance exercises. If you already incorporate these types of exercise into your daily routine of work and play, you’re performing age-specific exercises and practicing  fitness for boomers.


Do It Yourself and You Might Hurt Yourself

If you attempt to create your own nutrition and exercise program, you literally may hurt yourself.

Leave the workout progam design to the experts. Do yourself a favor; get the exercise programs and nutritional advice to move quickly into age-specific fitness for boomers.


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