Natural Beauty With Skin Care at Any Age

How to optimize your skin care to fit your age?

The issue of skin care is both puzzling and engaging. In this regard there are differences in opinion among experts. According to some experts tailoring your skin care treatment as per you age is insignificant, as skin physiologically doesn’t alter its form much. On the other hand some experts affirm that the care should be adjusted according to age since skin is affected by hormonal changes in the body particularly those associated with aging.

Although the essential processes of skin remains same at all age but due to metabolic rate, cell turnover rate and cellular inflammation many things do change. So the reality lies in between both the facts that these treatment to be according to the age or standard for all age.

Biological Vs chronological age

Biological and chronological age are rarely same and can be quite apart. Your date of birth is not the only determinant of your skin age as there are other biological factors contributing to skin age. Skin is more sensitive to aging variation due to its high exposure to environment. Chronological age can be used to begin with your skin care optimization but should not be solely dependent on, as there is need to consider biological factors that can affect your rate of aging. Like, early menopause will make the use of topical estrogens and/ or progesterone in 30s a necessity when such treatments are widely used in late 40s. Similarly excessive exposure to sunlight may damage the skin prematurely and need anti-wrinkle treatment like Tretinoin become must in 20s when typically such anti-aging creams are used later in life.

Basics at every age

For optimal skin care there are certain habits which are necessary at every age. Being ignorant to them would weaken the caring routine of the skin. It is essential to guard your skin from danger that can be avoided like sun damage. Complementing your skin type with your daily routine is an appreciable skin care act. Then identify your age specific skin needs.

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