Natural Hair Care Tips

For Dandruff

• Massage the Scalp with pure coconut oil. This will also help for growth of hair.

• Apply coconut oil which has been boiled with small onions. Wash it off with a mixture of green gram powder and water drained from cooked (boiled) rice.

• Mix Shikakai powder with the water drained from the cooked rice and wash the hair with it.

• Crush the leaves of five petal hibiscus flower and take the juice. Wash the hair with this juice.

• Heat the oil with a little camphor. Apply the oil in the scalp and massage for 10 minutes. After 30 minutes wash the hair with a herbal shampoo. Do the steam -towel- wrap for 15 minutes.

For Healthy Hair

1. Eat a healthy balanced diet. Hair and skin benefit from the same diet. Hair needs protein.

2. Use gentle non-detergent based shampoo.

3. This is the tough one! Wash hair less frequently. 2 to 3 times a week. Summer you maybe able to wash hair an extra time. Squeaky clean means hair has been stripped of its natural protective oils.

4. Condition monthly with a natural Herbal Vinegar Hair Rinse.

For Hair Loss

1. Use a very mild shampoo and condition your hair at least twice a week. Make sure to rinse out the conditioner thoroughly.

2. Amla, shikaki powder mixed with curd is a good conditioner and should be made use of.

3. Massaging with aroma oils once a week reduces hair fall and makes them soft and silky. Rosemary oil and titri oil can also be used.

4. Mix curd, lemon and mustard oil, apply gently on hair and wash your head after about half an hour.

Herb for Hair

Henna is a natural dye extracted from the leaves of the henna bush and is a natural alternative to harsh chemical dyes. If you are buying henna, make sure to look for the name Lawsonia Inermis on the pack. It is the scientific name of henna, a proof of the originality of the product.

Informs Mumbai based Trichologist Dr. Rekha Yadav, “Using Henna can give you multiple benefits. It not only adds colour to your hair, but is also a great conditioner. It strengthens your hair, is anti-fungal, reduces dandruff and helps prevent split ends.”

Hair Wash

The best way of washing hair is with Aritha and Shikakai Powder. It does not have any chemicals or any other side effects. Aritha and Shikakai powder is available at any General stores or even a banyan shop.

Hair Conditioners

Henna – Henna conditions and colours your hair.

Dry hair – Add some milk, water and 1-2egg yolks in henna. This mixture will not dry your hair and will make it soft and manageable. Apply it monthly.

Normal to Oily Hair – %u2013 Add water, lemon, egg yolks in henna.

Quick-fix Hair Tips

If you want instant luster just before a big night, beat an egg without the yolk, squeeze half a lemon into it and apply to hair avoiding the scalp than rinse and wash in another half an hour. Be sure to give your hair a last rinse with some rose water because we don’t want you going out smelling like an egg.

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