Natural Nail Care Only Salons? Possible or Just a Dream?

Everyone knows that having your nails done at a salon, usually means, having acrylics put on, silk wraps, gel or other non natural products. But what if you were able to go into a nail salon and only have your nails taken care of in a more natural way?

Believe it or not, not everyone wants to have fake nails, there are more than enough women and men who prefer the natural look without anything fancy.

These days there are nail salons everywhere, there pretty much the norm, every town has at least one or more.

Only problem is they are mostly the same. You have your low end nail salons that do only nails to your high end salons that give you a full spa treatment at spa prices. Most nail salons run in the middle of those two. There is a growing number of nail salons that are starting to pop up that aren’t the same as all the rest, they only take care for natural nails.

People in general know what they want when it comes to their nails. A lot of men and women don’t want to nail polish colors that shows, so there are now polishes just for that. Women on the other hand what either the full spa treatment or just a set of acrylics that all they have to do is go in and get fills every two weeks and maybe change the nail polish color. Or just want a manicure once a month and nothing more.

What is a natural nail care only salon?

They are nail care salons that only work with natural ingredients for starters. They will probably have their own line of natural products, and use only natural ingredients.  If you have a manicure done, they may use a stimulating salt scrub on your hands to remove the dead skin before moisturizing your hands with an organic lotion. You may have nail and skin treatments that could last up to an hour, such as warm towel wraps before a relaxing massage.

There are no acrylics, gels or silk wraps done at a natural nail care salon. But there is one thing they will do, and that is helps you with the transition from artificial nails back to your own natural nails. The nail techs take the time to educate you on caring for and reasons why your natural nails are just better.

In a spa like atmosphere the nail techs take you through a four part natural nail care program. The four steps are hydration, maintenance, protection, and glamour.

Including moisturizing the skin, performing maintenance and care on your nails (manicure), protect the natural nail plate from damage and helping you keep your nails looking beautiful. They work on your nails and also do pedicures all within a spa like atmosphere. Not rushing you what so ever. Not many nail salons do this.

One example of the four step program is a manicure that could last up to one hour. With heated gloves that stream your hands to open up the pores and allows the cream to penetrate and moisturize your hands. With gentle treatments for your nails and cuticles. There is major absence of any chemical smell or chemicals being used here. You are not rushed out of the chair, you know that your nail tech cares the up most for your nails.

Its extraordinary dedication and client education making sure that you understand the how’s and whys healthy nails are a must.

These days with everything so based on how you look, having nails that look cared for with the absences of any nail polish in many jobs is a must.

Natural nail care needs to be part of all man’s basic grooming. Most men don’t think about their nails, but they are just as noticed as women’s nails are. Its not going to change you from being a he man if your get your nails taken care of at a salon. With the proper care and treatment having your nails done at a natural nail care salon with be enjoyable and very relaxing.

With the natural nail care salons something pretty new to the scene, not many of heard of them, yet. As natural nail care has become more important to all, sooner or later there will be a natural nail care salon in your area.

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