Natural Skin Care, Mother Nature’s Beauty Secret

No one knows skincare better than Mother Nature. In today’s world our skin is constantly being bombarded with pollutants, and to slow or reverse the damage we often turn to products that contain a myriad of chemicals, when in truth, the answer to achieving great skin may rest with the natural ingredients of the earth.

As a dentist, my skin is exposed to a lot of hand washing and my face is vulnerable to many chemicals. Instead of the soaps with antimicrobials and skin care with questionable ingredients, I had to find a safer way to protect and clean my skin from debris and pollutants, while keeping it moisturized and healthy. After a lot of research, I found the answer.

To successfully fight the damage that day-to-day living brings to your skin, it is necessary to use products that contain antioxidants. The reason that antioxidants are so important to skincare is that they help combat the free radicals that damage cells.

There are many sources of free radicals in the environment, including pesticides, air pollution and cigarette smoke. All these sources of free radicals can help accelerate the signs of aging; to fight this you need products that contain antioxidants.

Antioxidants are essential because they help to fight cell damage by neutralizing free radicals and preventing them from oxidizing and damaging cells. To minimize the damage caused by free radicals, you must take advantage of the antioxidants that Mother Nature has provided.

Shea Butter provides protection against free radicals in the form of Vitamin A, E, and F. Large amounts of these vitamins make this ingredient one of the best choices you can make for skin care.

The butter is extracted from the nuts of the Shea-Karite tree, found only in Africa. The fatty acids in this extract, is the ingredient that is responsible for its immense healing properties. The fatty acids work wonders in also helping skin retain moisture and elasticity.

The Vitamin E in the butter helps to accelerate blood to the cells, and Vitamin F brings more elasticity to the skin, producing a healthy, silky feel.

Another advantage that Shea Butter offers is that it has the ability to deeply penetrate the skin, providing your skin with maximum moisture and protection that lasts throughout the day. In addition, it allows you to do this without the chemicals found in so many of the products that are on the market today.

With regular use, it can help with several different skin conditions including, wrinkles, blemishes, dry skin, sunburn, and Eczema. just to name a few. It is truly Mother Nature’s wonder product.

If you care about your skin and want to fight the signs of aging, do it naturally as Mother Nature intended, with skin care products containing Shea Butter.

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