Nature for Your Personal Care

There are a lot of brands in personal care products today with different ingredients and prices. Most people have wrong impression on having the most expensive products for getting the best result. This opinion is not always true, for there are beauty products which are cheaper but have the equal results. Sometimes they even create irritations for your skin if the chemicals of the products are too strong. If you want to spend some time, there are some daily products that can be found at home to be used as personal care products such as honey, fruit, oil, sugar, and aloe vera.

Honey has been known as skin care products for centuries. Use a spoon of honey with a cup of cold milk, and then apply it to your face and neck using cotton balls. Let it dry for some minutes. Repeat this step for about twice, and rinse it off.

Hair shampoo often contains strong chemicals which is bad to your hair. It causes dandruff. Try using lemon juice for hair care treatment on your scalp. It will definitely remove dandruff off your head. For getting silky and healthy beautiful hair, use the mixing of Henna and egg yolk.

Applying natural products as personal care treatment can reduce the possibility of having commercial cosmetic irritations.

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