Oil Free Anti-Aging Facial Moisturizers – Should You Use Them?

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You may be worried about using an oily anti-aging facial moisturizer, particularly if you have oily skin. It seems to make sense that using a skin care product without oil should be good for your skin. What are the pros and cons of using an oil free anti-aging facial moisturizer?

Many moisturizers containing oil don’t work well and aren’t good for your skin. That’s because there are many types of oil that aren’t particularly good for your skin, and so using them has negative effects.

Oil in an anti-aging and skincare product can lead to clogged skin pores, acne flareups and other skin disorders or skin problems. And the oil isn’t essential to moisturize in many cases because most oils used in skin care and anti-aging products don’t work successfully.

One of the most common oils used in moisturizers and other skin care and facial products is mineral oil. Why mineral oil? It’s cheap. However mineral oil isn’t at all good for the skin. It clogs pores and leaves your skin feeling oily and heavy. And mineral oil isn’t particularly successful to add moisture.

However your skin has it’s own oils which can be leached out, and an oil based skin care product can be useful. It isn’t necessary to use oil free anti-aging moisturizers.

But there’s one crucial point to remember. If you use a anti aging product with oil it has to be the right kind of oil, not mineral oil.

What are the right kind of oil? The company that produces the worlds best skincare products uses 2 specific oils that are proven to be good for moisturizing, and not lead to the kinds of problems that mineral oil in moisturizers can result in.

These are grapeseed oil, and Babassu oil. Babassu oil is a light oil which is known to sooth the skin and add moisture successfully. It helps protect your skin from dirt and is good for both oily and dry skins. Babassu oil comes from the fruit of a free found in the Amazon called the Babassu palm.

Grapeseed oil has strong anti oxidants and is very good for helping repair facial skin, particularly around the eyes. It is rich in linoleic acid and other oils all essential for improving skin health.

So should you be using an oil free anti-aging facial moisturizer? If you’re using a facial product that is based on mineral oil then yes, get rid of it. But if you’re using the worlds best skincare and anti-aging products which utilize Babassu oil and grapeseed oil then don’t worry, whether you have an oily or dry complexion those products will moisturize and protect your skin successfully.

It’s not essential to use oil free anti-aging facial moisturizers as long as you use a skincare product with the right oils.

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