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Each woman wishes her skin to look young, beauty and healthy as long as possible. How to attain this? Is it possible? Follow simple rules, we’ve already told about: beauty care means to take care of you health (your skin reflects the whole organism condition), sleep enough (you need no less than 8 hours to unbrace the muscles and to set your mind rest), drink enough of water (moisturized skin looks young), use natural skin care products, and be positive!

Among other things, listen to reason. Sometimes we work actively for the beauty care, as we think. But the result disappoints us. As it turned out we do harm for ourselves. For example, such kinds of beauty care as tan and SPA. What do you know about it? Are these procedures healthy?

Tan. There are a lot of people who would like to have beautiful brown skin. All of us like to lie under the sun from time to time just to have an equal tan. But, very often it is not safe at all! How many tanning people think about the super harmful UV rays? Instead of good-looking bronze skin you may get a serious case of skin cancer later, too. Dermatologists express strong dissent to tanning. It is quite harmful and even dangerous for skin; it forces skin aging because of dehydration. The tan provokes wrinkles. For those who want to have brown skin in spite of this, remember: keep away from the sun from 10:00 in the morning to 3:00 in the afternoon. This time the sun is most harmful. Always use sunglasses and sun-protection cream. By the way you’d better use sun-protection cream even if you are not tanning, but it is sunny. These creams permit your skin to tan, but protect it from UV rays.

There are also some tips for a safe, sunless tanning right at home. Clean your body carefully, before applying those sunless tanners. To get uniform tanning, use moderate amount on knees, elbows and other parts with thick, dry skin, as they will appear darker. Use a sponge or paintbrush to apply tanner on the back. When applying on the face, try to avoid zone around the eyes. Wash hands straight after application with soap and water. Use a make-up wedge for the backs of your hands. If this procedure goes wrong, use a spray tanner it is much more easy-to-use. Avoid contact with carpets, fabrics, clothing, and furniture. Repeat process for a deeper tan, if necessary.

SPA. It is an absolutely healthy way beauty care, but you shouldn’t visit the most expensive spa parlors to get the necessary treatment. Create a home made SPA products. Take only the best and the fresh. Use fruit, vegetables, marine and aromatic oils, herbs and salts. A salad or a fruit a day will benefit your skin! Read more beauty care tips at Natural Beauty Care Blog.

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