Skin Care for Men – Have You Jumped on Board Yet?

skin care

Skin care has for centuries focused on the ladies, however times are changing and men young and old are realizing they have been missing the boat when it comes to looking after their skin. The skin care for men revolution has begun and is gaining momentum. Have you jumped on board yet?

Older men traditionally have shied away from applying skin care lotions of any type, two reasons explain this resistance. The first being men didn’t regard applying creams or makeup as being manly, secondly up until even a few years ago good men’s skin care products didn’t exist.

The majority of young men today don’t realize the benefits to be gained by looking after their skin from an early age, and just assume it will take care of itself. Unfortunately many middle age and older men who had the same attitude when they were young are suffering the consequences with skin issues today. Hopefully this article will encourage men of all ages to adopt a more positive attitude to looking after their skin.

Men aged between 20 and 35 years old now understand the importance of looking after their skin, many are undertaking natural skin care for men daily preventative maintenance regimes. However, the majority of young men still don’t look after their skin. Why should they! It’s very likely they don’t care much about the rest of their body either, and many have the attitude “it will never happen to me”.

What these people don’t realize is that it will eventually catch up with them at around 50 to 60 years old when their skin dries out and the wrinkles get deeper.

The next age group between 36 and 50 years old are very busy with their careers and families and pay little attention to their skin and body generally. This is the time the small fine wrinkles start moving to bigger and deeper ones and middle age spread, spreads some more.

They have missed the boat in their earlier years by not looking after their skin and are now starting to pay the price. However, all is not lost providing they do something positive now to arrest the damage. Starting a daily natural skin care treatment will slow down and help skin aging problems by hydrating and moisturizing the tissues, and in some circumstances even reduce the wrinkles.

Finally we have the 51 to 65 year olds. At this age most men’s skins that have never had any nourishment are getting very dry and wrinkly, and the onset of old age skin problems are just starting or getting worse. The majority gives up any hope of looking after, improving and rejuvenating their skin and would not even bother to try any skin care for men treatments.

The moral of this story is jump on board the skin care boat. If you fit the first age category, get into the habit of looking after you skin on a daily basis with good natural creams. By taking this preventative action now you will reap the rewards later in life and not have the skin issues which many of us have to put up with every day.

The second age group can still catch the boat and greatly benefit from implementing a skin care regime to slow down and repair some of the damage already inflected on their skin. The final group particularly the over 60’s have just about missed the boat, the wrinkles are likely to be too deep for any cream to make much difference in reducing them.

Their skin has becomes thinner, lost much of it’s elasticity and gets damaged more easily. That said, however implementing a natural skin care treatment will help moisturize and soften the wrinkles and dryness, make the skin more pliable and slow the skin aging process.

Whatever your age group start a skin care for men program now. Preventative action is always a better alternative to an unpleasant cure when you get older. There are some great natural skin care creams available from some very innovative companies.

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