Sudden Acne Outbreak – Is it a Symptom of Stress?

The connection between stress and acne has long been a topic of discussion with no conclusive results. However, a study carried out on students suffering from acne, did reveal that acne does have a tendency to worsen in situations that bring about extreme stress. It is strongly believed that acne appearances do increase during stressful situations. This however is not a surprising revelation to the millions of people who suffer from it even if the correlation between stress and acne had not been proven earlier.

Stress hormones lead to acne

It is understood that stress can cause your adrenal glands to produce male hormones, both testosterone and androgens. These male hormones then cause the sebaceous glands to produce more sebum, an oily substance. Increased production of this oily substance, when combined with dead skin cells, clogs the pores; this triggers a serious acne outbreak. Acne has no gender bias; it affects both the males and females alike.

Acne leads to stress and several other problems

Although acne is believed to be a symptom of stress, acne itself can also cause a lot of stress; they simply ‘pop up’ overnight, causing blemishes on your face. To prevent a further onslaught of acne, many people opt for acne treatment. Acne as a condition is most hated because it impacts your life negatively. People with acne often suffer from embarrassment and low self-esteem because they believe in the myth that poor hygiene causes acne. But, rest assured, there is absolutely no grain of truth in this misguided notion.

Acne treatment and stress management – Effective solution

When living in a world where enormous value is placed on beauty, acne can lead to a lot of stress in people having it. However with the timely use of acne remedies, people can get back their self-confidence and reclaim their social life. Since a relationship between acne and stress does exist, stress management may be an effective method to control future acne outbreaks.

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