Summer Hair Care Tips

healthy hair care

Taking proper care of your hair is a must if you wish your tresses to look amazing as the hair is subjected on a daily basis to external factors which can have a damaging effect over the hair. The summer season is especially one of the seasons in which proper hair care is important as the suns rays can have a damaging effect over the hair as well as the skin.

Because only healthy tresses can look gorgeous, it is important to learn how to maintain your hair in the best condition. Healthy hair not only looks and feels fabulous, it is also easier to style and maintain as desired.

Sun, wind and chlorine or salty water can be the worst enemies of your hair so in order to prevent split ends, dull hair, dry hair as well as frizzy hair try to take the following summer hair care tips into account as they are meant bring only benefits to your tresses:


Allow your hair to air dry naturally as the blow dryer can have a negative impact over the hair. The blow dryer’s hot air flow can damage the hair and cause it to over dry. Not maintaining a safe distance between the hair and the blow dryer can also have a negative impact over your tresses, and air drying can be the solution to well protected hair strands. You will not waist energy and your hair will be dried gradually by the warm summer air.

Pamper your tresses using adequate hair treatment masks, purchased or homemade as the hair needs to be nourished constantly to maintain a high level of hydration. The cosmetic industry has evolved greatly and this allowed scientists to create special hair masks destined for all hair types. Natural ingredients such as jojoba oil, olive oil, castor oil, and so on can be a great option for your tresses and there are a variety of hair mask recipes available to choose from.


Protect your hair by wearing a hat or a scarf whenever you are out on the beach as the sun’s UV rays can affect your hair and hair color as well. You can also protect your hair from the sun by applying a sun protection hair spritz which will act as a sunscreen for your tresses.


Avoid submerging your head under chlorinated pool water as well as salty water as this can be very unhealthy for your hair. Chlorine and salty water can have a drying effect over the hair, leaving your tresses feeling coarse and lifeless looking. Wear a swim cap if you want to submerge your head under water as the cap will prevent your hair from getting in contact with the water.


Do get your hair trimmed on a regular basis to prevent developing split ends and allow the hair to fall perfectly into shape. Split ends can be your worst nightmare and can travel up the hair shaft if not removed in time. Pay regular visits to your hairdresser and trim your hair about every 6 weeks.

Do pay attention to your diet as your hair needs essential vitamins to maintain a healthy growth rate and a high level of nourishment. Only healthy tresses can look gorgeous so pay attention to hair care and you will look fabulous.



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