The Secret About Anti Aging Natural Skin Care Products

You would think that there would be better regulation of the makers of anti aging natural skin care products, but thereâ??s not.  Too often you come to find that the people claiming to have the best anti aging skin care programs are including ingredients which are anything but â??organicâ??. 

These companies are not required nor do they make any effort to reveal the list of compounds which make up their anti aging natural skin care products formulas.  This is because while charging you an exorbitant price at the cash register, these companies are â??cheapeningâ? their products by making them with low cost chemical additives. 

Why do the companies claiming to provide the best anti aging skin care do this?  Well, all natural ingredients cost more to include which ups overall manufacturing costs and restricts advertising dollars.  As mentioned above, chemical additive are comparatively cheap to use, which means that more money is left over to put into the marketing of the product. 

It is all simply a ruse to get you purchase their products, and one that seemingly works on a large portion of our population.  Americans are especially susceptible to this trick, because we have a tendency to begin to blindly believe in something totally without evidence if we hear it repeated several times. 

I commonly refer to this as the â??tabloidâ? mentality.  If an entertainment news program reports of the marital troubles of a certain pair of Hollywood stars a person may tend to dismiss it as gossip, but if they see the same thing stated by a magazine in the checkout line it takes on more validity.  People can be convinced of anything through simple repetition. 

Thatâ??s exactly what these marketers do to the populace; they beat us over the head with claims of having the best anti aging skin care line.  That is why cosmetic products do so well on networks like the â??Home Shopping Networkâ??.  Itâ??s because we know the manufacturers name and have heard their fables so many times that we take him at his word. 

Take for example when you read about how necessary collagen is in keeping your appearance youthful.  Collagen is an organic substance because it is naturally produced by the body.  It would stand to reason then that the inclusion of collagen in anti aging natural skin care products would possibly make them the best anti aging skin care items on the market, right? 

What they donâ??t tell you is that the collagen they are using in their anti aging natural skin care products are actually derived not from human skin, but from cowhide.  They also donâ??t tell you that this bovine collagen is not compatible with that found in human beings and has been known in some treatments (injections) to cause severe allergic reactions in some patients. Doesnâ??t sound much like the best anti aging skin care compound that you thought it was a minute ago, does it? 

In conclusion, any anti aging natural skin care products worth buying wonâ??t have such secrets, because they wonâ??t have anything to hide.

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