Top 5 Fitness Boxing For Women Faqs

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So what do you gotta know about fitness boxing for women? Boxing for fitness is becoming crazy popular, moreso among women then men. So today, I’m going to go over the top 5 FAQs about fitness boxing for women. Don’t worry, I’ll provide insight on each and every question to take your fitness levels to the stratosphere.

Is fitness boxing for women any different?

Fitness boxing for women and men are similar in technique. After all, boxing for fitness has the same goal for both genders – unparalleled fitness. Fitness boxing for women is different in style. The workouts, exercises and routines can vary for maximal results taylored to women. Boxing fitness tailored specifically for women concentrates more heavily on whole-body fitness with focus on thighs, legs, buttox and back. On the other end, male fitness boxing is more targeted toward high upper-body work.

However, most routines for men and women work both strength & endurance for the entire body. At most gyms, there is no distinction for men and women. But if you’re doing boxing for fitness exercises at home, there’s an advantage as you can focus more on women-specific exercises.

Why is fitness boxing becoming so popular for women?

Boxing & fitness go hand-in-hand. In fact, MMA & boxing athletes are among the most conditioned athletes in the world. And they’re known to get results fast. Fitness boxing is high-intensity and helps to achieve lightening fast whole-body results. It’s one of the main reasons why boxing is becoming crazy popular with women.

Boxing for fitness is more involved than aerobics workouts. You also learn a new skill in the process that will serve you for the rest of your life. Boxing and mixed martial arts techniques can be utilized for self-defense. Boxing & fitness provide a very unique and rewarding combination, hence, the popularity has gone through the roof.

What equipment do I need?

If you’re attending classes, you won’t need equipment. It’ll be provided. Fitness boxing for women is awesome because you can literally do many of the routines anywhere, without equipment. I’d recommend a simple punch bag for the home and a pair of boxing gloves for lightening fast results. Even a short 10 minute routine when you have a break at home will contribute to your overall fitness. But if you’re ever traveling, many of the boxing exercises can be done without equipment. You can stay fit always, wherever you are.

What is the top fitness boxing for women exercise?

I believe the top fitness boxing for women exercise is one that works out the entire-body and helps women get toned and gain core strength. For women, my #1 suggestion would be the burpee exercise routine. You can do this exercise anywhere without equipment.

MMA & boxing are fighting sports. Can I get injured easily?

Fitness boxing involves less risk then running. It’s awesome because routines are high intensity and don’t batter muscles and joints. Even on the heavy bag, fitness boxing for women focuses on fitness benefits more-so than boxing benefits. So heavy bag hitting is done lightly at high intensity.

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