Useful Anti aging Skincare Test Those Cosmetics Big Boys Hope You Never Know! – 4 simple tests to track bad quality skincare and cosmetics products

anti aging

Below are 4 absolutely simple anti aging skincare tests to distinguish bad and good anti aging skincare products!

* Anti Aging Skincare Test for Creams:

Place a small quantity of your cream in a spoon, warm either with alcohol lamp or candle. A good quality product will boil just like a boiling milk and gives you pleasant smell. Otherwise if there is any splitting, smoke and irritating smell during heating, and eventually produdes an oily residue after heating, your anti aging cream is either containing too much mineral oil or having boride fillers.

* Emulsion? Let’s Test With Water:

Pour enough amount of emulsion into clean water and observe. If your emulsion is floating, it has oil stone ester in it. Swirl it gently, if it produces a milky white liquid, the emulsion is emulsifier containing, which means it fails the anti aging skincare test! Emulsifier will destroy your skin texture, making your skin sensitive and is carcinogenic.
If the emulsion sinks to the bottom, it does not haveester, therefore is safe to use!

* Silver Ring – Keep The Lead Out:

Rub the lipstick on the back of your palm, then rub with a silver ring. Observe any color changes; if it turns black, the lipstick is lead containing. The blacker it turns the higher level the lead the lipstick has.

* Anti Aging Skincare Test with Iodine – Test The Anti-Oxidizing Capacity:

Mix iodine and clean water in a glass container with ratio 1:50. Add and mix your anti aging toner, cleansing milk, etc. In the diluted iodine solution (an adequate amount). If it is completely dissolves and gives a clear and transparent solution, it has its anti-oxidizing property. Otherwise, it has no anti-oxidizing effect and in short doesn’t produce any prominent anti aging bebefit to your skin!

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