What You Don’T Know About Best Skin Care Products May Shock You

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Anti aging and wrinkle reduction skin care products are a rage in these times and sell very well. But it is important to safeguard against the big scam going on behind these products. This article shall throw light on the ugly facts behind the so called \”best skin care products\”.

When I talk about professional skin care products, I don\’t mean skin care products which are expensive and sold in luxurious high end malls. I also do not mean skin care products that have been endorsed by popular celebrities who have just lent their name for the sake of receiving huge royalties, without even using them even once!

By professional and best skin care products, I mean those skin care products that have been scientifically proven in improving skin health and youth naturally.

If we look at skin care product effectiveness, you should take into notice that the money spent on celebrity endorsements and expensive advertisements on television and glossy magazines does not contribute even a little bit to the product quality. All it does is that is makes the skin care products much more expensive and unaffordable.

The most important thing that you should consider while selecting the best skin care products is to check the quality of natural ingredients used in them. You should check that they are scientifically proven effective in enhancing skin health and youth naturally.

The Ugly Collagen Scam to watch out against

There is a lot of hype going on around skin care products containing collagen and elastin. These are being advertised heavily. But you should safeguard yourself against this big scam going on. I will tell you the scientific evidence behind this.

Basically, collagen and elastin are the two essential skin proteins present in our body and produced naturally. In young age, their production is in sufficient quantity, but as we mature, their output begins to decelerate. This is what leads to skin aging symptoms like wrinkles, old age spots, saggy skin and imbalanced skin complexion.

So, we all know that collagen and elastin play a key role in providing us young, firm and supple skin. Now, the skin care products manufacturers misuse this concept and take unfair advantage of the public. They add collagen and elastin into their products and tout it as skin rejuvenating and anti aging.

But they don\’t tell you some really shocking information. The reality is that scientific trials have proven that collagen and elastin present in such skin care products cannot be absorbed by the skin because its molecule is too large. It is rejected by the uppermost layer of our skin called Epidermis!

These hardcore scientific facts can be confirmed by any well known dermatologist or a reputed medical website.

Therefore, the correct way of restoring skin youth is not by using collagen based skin care products, but by using best skin care products that have natural ingredients that enhance the body\’s own production of collagen and elastin.

Such amazing natural substances have been found that help in achieving just that. One such name is Cynergy TK. It has been pioneered in New Zealand. It is unique in the fact that it helps the natural production of collagen and elastin by the body itself.

It also helps significantly improve skin moisture retention and elasticity. It is an extraordinary antioxidant. Its enzymatic form of antioxidants help in neutralizing free radical damage before it occurs and thus prevents premature skin aging.

All these wonderful characteristics of Cynergy TK make it the best skin rejuvenation and anti aging natural substance that has been discovered till date. It is being used very successfully in the best skin care products, but it is currently only being produced by select niche skin care product manufacturers.

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