Why It is Crucial To Exercise Daily To Keep Your Mind And Body Fit

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Do you exercise? If not, it is truly important for both your physical health and your mental health. Yes, even your brain benefits from regular exercise. This is only one of many reasons why exercise is so important.

Daily exercise is one of the largest contributors to a trim body. Exercise helps tone muscle and reduces unwanted body fat. By exercising, you burn off the foods you eat. As you increase your calorie intake, excess calories turn to fat. That fat sits on your body putting you at risk for a number of troublesome issues. Exercising helps burn additional calories, so the balance of what you eat and how much energy you expend is closer to a normal level.

Heart disease is the number one killer in today’s world. Risk factors for heart disease include family history, obesity, smoking, excessive alcohol, and drugs. Exercising can help keep the heart pumping normally and prevent obesity.

High cholesterol is another link to heart disease. Exercising can keep your triglyceride levels down. It also helps lower HDL levels. For this reason, this is additional proof that exercising helps keep you healthy.

Cancer is another deadly ailment. Some cancers are linked to being overweight. Breast cancer, prostate cancer, and uterine cancer have all been proven to be more common in overweight people. By exercising to keep the weight down, you can possibly prevent yourself from developing cancer.

You hear a slew of information about the increase in Type II Diabetes. The majority of cases of Type II Diabetes are linked to obesity. By exercising, you can keep your weight down and prevent this disease.

High blood pressure is linked to both heart disease and strokes. Studies show that daily exercise for at least ten to twenty minutes can cause a sharp decrease in your blood pressure readings.

Stress can lower you immune system. Exercise helps ensure that the brain is producing ample levels of serotonin. By functioning with proper levels of serotonin, your body is able to fight off disease or feelings of danger properly. The same is true of the other endorphins. They can help keep you from slipping into depression or feeling blue. It takes no more than 15 minutes for the endorphin levels to increase.

People who are in shape and exercise regularly find that they have more energy, enjoy sex even more, and become less reserved around their partner. For this reason, exercise can even help revitalize a troubled marriage or relationship.

By feeling better physically, you will also find that emotionally you are much happier. You will no longer worry about your appearance to others. You will enjoy how you look in certain clothes. Overall, exercise is beneficial to both a body and mind!

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