Your Guide to Prevent Wrinkles by Using the Right Anti Aging Anti Wrinkle Cream

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Prevention is definitely better than cure. “A stitch in time saves nine”- that is how the old saying goes. The same applies in the case of preventing wrinkles and skin aging. This article shall give you a clear insight on preventing wrinkles by using the right anti aging anti wrinkle cream.

But even if you already have sagging skin and wrinkles, there is still hope. You are very fortunate to have found the right place and you shall be able to take preventative action against skin aging problems and shall be way ahead in your knowledge about preventing wrinkles.

Avoid the Trap of Collagen Based Anti Aging anti wrinkle cream

The only thing you need to safeguard yourself at this point of time is from the huge marketing hype going on in the cosmetic skin care industry. They are selling a lot of fake and dubious skin care products, including a lot of worthless anti aging anti wrinkle cream in their claims for preventing wrinkles.

And the biggest pitfall that you need to avoid among the anti aging category is the anti aging anti wrinkle cream containing collagen and elastin.

It is inevitable that as we age, we start to have sagging skin, wrinkles and dark uneven skin complexion. That is because the level of collagen and elastin production in our body starts to drop. So, we assume that it makes good sense to apply anti aging anti wrinkle cream containing collagen.

But this assumption is far from the scientific reality. Applying collagen based anti aging anti wrinkle cream will not help effectively in preventing wrinkles. There is scientific evidence to back my point.

It has been proved since a long time that the collagen molecule in collagen based anti aging anti wrinkle cream is too large for the human skin to absorb. The uppermost layer of our skin called the Epidermis just rejects it. So what to way about the deeper skin layers!

You can confirm these scientific facts by consulting any dermatologist or any reputed medical website. Hence such anti aging anti wrinkle cream that contain collagen as an ingredient do not help in preventing wrinkles at all.

The Natural and Effective Anti Aging anti wrinkle cream

But you will be glad to know that there are also such natuaral substances that have been discovered that have the capability of stimulating the body’s own collagen production. Hence they work wonderfully well in preventing wrinkles and giving you a firm, pliant and elastic skin naturally.

By extensive research I have found out such effective and amazing natural substances, which when form a part of an anti aging anti wrinkle cream work amazingly well in preventing wrinkles.

One such ingredient that I personally use daily is Cynergy TK. It is a natural substance with its origin in New Zealand. It has shown amazing results in clinical studies with human volunteers-

·    A natural improvent in skin’s collagen and elastin production.
·    Improvement in skin moisture retention by 18% and improvement in skin elasticity by 42% in 18 days.
·    Regrowth of new skin cells!

Another natural ingredient that is working wonders is Phytessence Wakame which is an extract of a special Japanese sea kelp.

An Anti aging anti wrinkle cream that works in a natural way to improve body’s own collagen production is a sure shot way to not only preventing wrinkles, but also enjoying youthful and vibrant skin for a long long time.

I have done intensive research on my website on such natural ingredients that have a proven and effective role in preventing wrinkles after lots of scientific and clinical trials.

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